Doc2Web Modules maken uw website interactief en vergroot de functionaliteit

Multiple menus

Menu is a base module of almost every site. It keeps your data in order and allow users to access it more or less logically. All doc2web template sites has 1-3 menus 1-2 levels each. Custom sites has no limitations. Each page of the menus could be updated with MS Word and could has a search-proof features.

Samples: All sites inluding this one. You see a menu at the top of the site.

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Multiple languages

All doc2web sites are ready to be multilanguages. It is our standart feature and you get it w/o an extra fee.



With our simple and powerful form builder you can feature pages of your site with your very own forms. The forms could be filled by users and send to your e-mail or/and store in DB, downloaded for MS Excel format or connected with your ACT software.


Multi-talen support

Elke Doc2Web site kan worden uitgevoerd met multi-talen.
Doc2Web site ondersteunen niet-westerse tekens; Arabisch, Cyrillisch, Chinees enz.


Producten- of projectencatalogus

Met de productcatalogus beschikt u over een uitermate krachtige en efficiŽnte applicatie om uw producten overzichtelijk in uw internet presentatie te tonen.

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